SYD Airport - Hangar 13, Remedial Works

Emora was tasked with rectifying the structural concerns of the heritage-listed hangar constructed in the 1930s.

Scope of Works

Emora found that additional efforts were necessary to meet required standards. Collaborating with WSP, the project’s environmental consultants, Emora effectively removed asbestos-contaminated roof materials and cladding. Emora took measures to encapsulate the entire building envelope, curbing any further release of asbestos fibres. Collaborative discussions with heritage consultants AECOM led to the installation of new roof sheets, cladding, gutters, and downpipes, meticulously designed to align with the hangar’s original aesthetic.​

The project extended to encompass fit-out tasks within the building’s front offices, in tandem with electrical enhancements throughout the office and hangar areas to ensure compliance with Australian standards. Notably situated adjacent to Sydney Airport’s East-West runway on two sides, the hangar’s distinctive positioning necessitated comprehensive construction planning to safeguard airport operations. Formal approvals from the Airport Building Controller (ABCO) and Sydney Airport Corporation were prerequisites before on-site work initiation.​

The location-specific challenges mandated adherence to strict regulations, including machinery operation under 13 meters above sea level to prevent disruptions to airport activities. Overcoming these hurdles required coordination with traffic control and airport security to transport equipment and materials airside. As all exterior work required clearance, tradespeople and workers holding valid security credentials or visitor passes, escorted by security guards, executed the tasks.​

Emora maintained open lines of communication with stakeholders throughout, ensuring a seamless workflow without impacting airport operations or neighbouring facilities. The project’s successful completion underscores Emora’s ability in managing intricate ventures in unique settings with stringent security demands.​


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