Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO), Operational Area Upgrades

Emora was engaged to complete the acoustic upgrade at ANSTO in Lucas Heights.

Scope of Works

ANSTO and its Board of Directors engaged Emora on a refurbishment project to improve operational efficiency and safety by addressing aging infrastructure and accommodating technological advancements. The key aspects of the refurbishment included the installation of new acoustic-rated walls and glazing to enhance sound insulation, privacy, and confidentiality for certain operations. Additionally, the project involved the implementation of a modern kitchenette, roof structure and suspended ceiling, new flooring, fresh paint, and a next-generation automation system. These upgrades not only improved the facility’s appearance but also ensured a more comfortable and productive working environment for employees, reducing the risk of accidents and streamlining operations.​
ANSTO’s refurbishment project demonstrated the organization’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of stakeholders and maintaining high standards. ​

Along with a tight project deadline and key acoustic requirements, Emora successfully delivered a complete upgrade of the automation of electrical and an extensive construction fit-out, on time and of the highest standard.


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